Empire Performance 16th July 2019

On 16th July, the 6th Form band Brittanic went to perform at Sunderland Empire, at the final of Sunderland Music Hub’s songwriting competition. The song ‘In My Head’ that was shortlisted to be performed, was written as part of the songwriting project with Sunderland Music Hub and Sage Gateshead. The boys opened the show and were absolutely outstanding! David ran onto the stage shouting, “Hello Sunderland! Are you having a good time?” He had the audience eating out of the palm of his hand as he got them all on their feet and clapping along. Luke’s riff was note perfect, Dominic Y and Jude drove the song along with their chunky rhythms and Dominic P’s distorted guitar gave authenticity to their performance. Words cannot express how proud we are of them. Next stop, Wembley!