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The Teaching & Learning Academy provides a range of learning opportunities through a professional development framework for all staff working in schools and colleges at every career stage and has been taken over by a consortium of Universities and University colleges after the abolishment of the GTC who had previously run the TLA.

The TLA allows individuals to be in control of their own learning and allows them to focus on something that really matters in their own practice, at a level that suits their needs and prior qualifications.

Secondly, it provides the opportunity for individuals to gain accreditation as well as professional recognition for their learning.

The TLA offers a flexible professional learning framework which provides all staff with the opportunity to engage with small-scale practice-based projects and either gain national recognition and/or credits for the work undertaken.

Benefits of engaging with the TLA are –


       Helps to fill the knowledge gap

       Encourages reflective practitioners

       Promotes lifelong learning

       Supports performance management objectives

       Provides opportunities for professional dialogue, coaching and mentoring

       Supports a more personalised approach to professional learning

       Encourages risk taking/trying out new techniques and approaches

       Provides a structure for reflecting upon and evaluating learning

       Fosters independent thinking

       Supports small-scale projects that can have a huge impact on practice