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Disability Matters

What is Disability Matters?disability matters logo

Launched in February 2015, Disability Matters is an innovative suite of free resources to support those who work, volunteer or engage with disabled children and young people (from 0 to 25 years) and their families.  It seeks to address the barriers that make society disabling.  These challenges are faced by those with either physical and/or intellectual disabilities. Developed by disabled young people, parent carers and other experts, Disability Matters arranges individual modules into helpful bite-sized learning packages so that the training offered matches the needs of specific individuals, groups, organisations and sectors.  It offers practical advice about supporting disabled children, young people and their families to achieve the outcomes that matter to them. Click the link below to visit the website.

Disability Matters


  • To raise the profile of disability within the UK and internationally.
  • To increase awareness of the issues that affect the everyday lives of disabled children, young people and their families.
  • To help people who work, volunteer or engage with disabled young people identify creative and practical ways to overcome the social barriers that challenge them in their everyday lives.
  • To equip those who work, volunteer or engage with disabled young people to support them as effectively as they can to achieve what matters most to them.
  • To help employers to improve the ways in which they work with and respond to disabled young people and their families by supporting their workforce both paid and voluntary to implement creative solutions to identifiable barriers.

How does the Disability Matters programme work?

Disability Matters offers online learning sessions (mostly 20-40 minutes) on a wide range of topics to help people reflect, challenge and change their own fears, idea, attitudes, beliefs and behaviours towards disabled people.  All the sessions can be completed as a ‘one off’ or ‘stand-alone’. Alternatively, you can sign up to the Disability Matters learning community and complete several sessions or a Learning Package that can be recorded in a personal learning account. Creating an account allows you to keep a record of your learning and to print certificates to evidence your learning.  The more actively you reflect on the stories and materials in Disability Matters, the better equipped you will become to welcome, include, empower and support disabled children and people of all ages.

Why do we need Disability Matters?

Disabled children and young people (from 0 to 25 years) and their families face many barriers in their everyday lives; from social events and sports to accessing health services and coping at school, college or work.  To bring about the changes we think will make a positive, practical and lasting difference, we need to help those who work, volunteer or engage with disabled children and young people to gain confidence they need to be as effective as they can and want to be. 

The Challenge Facing Society Today

Here are some statistics that show why we need Disability Matters:disability matters

  • 70% of workers in the UK feel they need to learn more about disability for their work
  • 61% of people in the UK say they are not confident communicating with a child who is disabled
  • 80% of people in the UK think business organisations should provide more training to ensure their staff feel confident about working with disabled people
  • 180 disability hate crimes are committed every day in the UK

We believe that people across the UK are looking to change society for the better on disability. Disability Matters wants to make a significant contribution to the way in which the UK challenges current attitudes, fears and insecurities about disability.  Disabled children and young people, their families, friends and other carers should receive the support they need on the issues that matter to them.

Foundation Of Light

The Foundation of Light harnesses the power of football and uses it to increase the motivation, educational attainment and personal skills of young people throughout our great region.

Within the Foundation of Light there is a team specifically created to work within special needs schools and with organisations working with young people and adults with a wide range of disabilities including Autism, Asperger’s, global learning difficulties, hearing impairments, visual impairments and downs syndrome to name a folfew.  This team looks specifically at developing the young people and adults it works with not only within sporting activities but also socially, and emotionally.

The Disability Programme (Making Moves) delivered by the Foundation of Light is now a well-established and integral part of the Foundations delivery.  Its aims are to improve participation, attainment, social skills and people’s attitudes towards all disabilities.  The well planned and structured specialist programmes are suited to the needs of each particular school or group being worked with, but more importantly they are tailored to meet the needs of each and every young person involved.

To find out more information please click here: Making Moves Project