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Every week in school our students answer and discuss our thought provoking questions. To contribute your answers, please click here.
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We also have the questions on display in our reception area, and would love for parents/carers and visitors to contribute their thoughts.


How much does language affect our thinking?

‘Language can be angry, like swearing.’
‘We can disagree with people. Its about understanding what people say.’
‘You can expand on a sentence.’
‘Some words have different meanings in different languages.’
‘You listed to a point of view, people are entitled to their own opinions.’

What makes you smile?

‘Playing with my pets, family or on xbox.’
‘If someone is happy they might smile.’
‘A smile shows your emotions.’
‘A smile makes someone smile back.’
‘Watching train videos, looking at train timetables.’
‘Smile when you are confident.’
‘Music and Christmas make me smile.’
‘My family because they take care of me.’
‘Waterparks make me smile because I like the slides because I feel like I’m going really fast.’
‘Everything makes me smile.’
‘Houghton Feast – the fairs good. I like the little rides.’
‘My iPad makes me smile because I can watch CBeebies.’
‘Multi coordination room ‘cos its got climbing stuff. It’s like I could climb a mountain, it makes me feel happy.’
‘You might smile when you are telling a lie.’
‘Spending time at home with my family makes me smile.’
‘Sometimes you randomly smile when you are nervous because you don’t know what to say.’
‘A genuine smile is when your face glows up and your eyes sparkle.’
‘Picking flowers makes me smile because I can give someone I love the flowers. I like making daisy chains, they make you feel calm and happy.’
‘Comics make me smile.’

If you had to lose a sense, which would it be?

‘Taste. You would be able to eat bugs if you had to eat them to survive.’
‘I wouldn’t like to lose any. If I had to lose one, I wouldn’t have to smell awful things.’
‘Hearing because you could turn the tv up.’
‘Sight – then I wouldn’t have to watch things on TV that I don’t want to watch.’
‘Taste because I wouldn’t be able to taste medication.’
‘I would want to keep taste because I like eating food.’
‘I’d lose hearing because some people are naughty and I don’t want to hear what they’re doing or saying.’
‘I wouldn’t lose smell.’
‘I’d miss Mam’s voice if I couldn’t hear her.’
‘I’d miss the smell of tea at home.’
‘learn sign language if you lose your hearing. Or have an interpreter that follows you around.’
‘I need touch to get comfortable, to sleep.’
‘Smell is the most useless.’
‘Hearing, it gets pretty loud in my family. I could use sign language.’

What is loyalty?

‘A bond with someone.’
‘Means something very confusing and difficult.’
‘I am loyal to my Mum and brother because they are my family.’
‘You can build up loyalty.’
‘Being nice and kind to someone is loyal.’
‘Loyalty means trust.’
‘Loyal to my tutor group because my best friends are there.’
‘Loyalty is like friendship.’
‘Sticking together.’
‘Loyal to Newcastle by wearing their strip and going to matches.’
‘Loyalty is to stick with one place.’
‘Loyalty is when you are a good friend and show them respect.’
‘Sticking with one person for an amazing amount of time.’
‘Animals are loyal to owners – they will protect you.’
‘I’m loyal to Karate club because they put a lot of time in to helping me.’
‘Sticking by someone’s side.’
‘I am loyal to my family because they love me and I love them.’
‘Loyalty is about trust and honesty.’
‘Loyalty is where you stand by somebody and support them.’
‘It means trust, friendship and staying together.’
‘If you are loyal to them you are nice, kind and honest.’

Is it possible to measure love?

‘You can measure it by how many people you love.’heart
‘You can love girlfriends, pets and relatives.’
‘There are different ways to love them.’
‘Love is an emotion and its hard to control.’
‘You cant measure love.’
‘You can measure it in words and actions, like giving some one a cuddle and saying I love you.’
‘I love some people more than others.’
‘You can tell some one how much you love them. You can measure it in your mind. You just feel it.’
‘You can measure love by what you would do for them.’
‘You would do anything for the people you love.’
‘You can’t measure love. I love Mam, but I can’t measure it because you have to love your Mam because I’m her son and was raised by her.’
‘I hug all the people I love, cuddles show how much I love them.’
‘Not really, how can you measure love with a ruler it’s impossible!’
‘Love is just a feeling, you can’t box it, you can’t count it, sometimes you lose it, but you can always give love.’
‘Love is really great and gets bigger until it breaks you!’

Which is heavier, lies or breaking promises?

‘There could be a genuine reason for breaking a promise.’
‘Some people break promises and have no intention of keeping them.’
‘It can fluctuate. Sometimes you break a promise and if it’s really important to the person, it can really upset them. It depends on what the promise or lie is, it might not be a big lie.’
‘Sometimes people tell lies for a good reason.’
‘Tell a lie to protect someone.’
‘I don’t like promises incase something comes up and I can’t keep the promise.’
‘When I was 13 I lied to Mum about having facebook and I wasn’t bothered about lying to her.’
‘I can’t tell lies, I feel sick if i do.’
‘Breaking a promise is the worst because it can make people feel bad. Telling lies is bad too if it hurts someone.’
‘If I tell a lie it makes me feel really guilty or depressed.’
‘Lies because there are lots of things in them, if we break a promise we forget something.’
‘If you promise you cross your heart’
‘It upsets your feelings if they break a promise. If some one told me a lie I would feel not happy. If staff told a lie I would feel sad.’
‘We pinkie promise, if you pinkie promise you have to keep it.’
‘Break a promise you’re a bad person.’
‘You might lie to not hurt some ones’s feelings.’
‘Sometimes you have to lie, lies are heavier.’

Where do ideas come from?

‘My brain.’
‘My imagination gives me ideas.’
‘You think of something, your brain is like a big memory file.’
‘From looking at things.’
‘Look in books for ideas.’
‘It comes from what your feel. Your brain tells you if the idea is good or not.’
‘If i think of an idea I talk about it with my Mum.’
‘From the back of your mind.’
‘Inspired by others.’
‘Talking to people gives you ideas.’
‘A flash in my brain.’

Do we have a responsibility for people we have never met?

‘It depends – if someone is being hurt you need to step in and help them, no one deserves to be hurt.’
‘I’m not responsible for someone else’s actions but I can try to help them make good choices.’
‘You don’t have a go at someone because they look different or have a different religion, we are all the same really.’
‘Some people care for others.’
‘I would want to help people.’
‘Our human instinct is to protect people.’
‘You can help a community so its about communities not individual people.’
‘We can’t help everyone but every little bit helps.’
‘Some children on adverts are really ill and they need help. We should all sponsor someone even if it is just a couple of pounds. If you help them it’s called being responsible.’
‘Responsibility means love each other.’
‘I care about everyone.’
‘If i wasn’t being treated correctly I would want people to help me.’
‘We are not being human if we don’t care.’
‘We have to help someone in need because they have no one to take care of them.’
‘I think we can make the world a better place by being responsible for giving to others.’
‘Yes because we might be able to make friends.’

Is it easier to love or be loved?

‘It is easier to love but being loved makes me feel special. If i do special things for my Mum she feels loved. Mum loves me because she lives with me.’
‘It’s easier to be loved. It’s easy to love my mam. If they love you they have to hug you. You don’t know how much they love you.
‘Be loved. To show your love to someone you have to do something.’
‘Easier to love. My sister shows she loves me by hugging me.’
‘Easier to be loved. Its hard to love someone who makes me angry.’
‘Be loved because you just have to be nice to be loved.’
‘Dad always loves you no matter what but loving someone else is harder.’
‘It is easier to be loved because I am not in a relationship so I don’t love anyone but my family love me.’
‘Its easier to be loved but love has to be earned,’
‘I find it hard to love because I am just learning to love. I could feel that I loved someone in my heart but I couldn’t express it. I have always known that I am loved.’
‘It’s easy to love people who love you.’
‘To be loved is easier. You know they love you but its hard to tell someone you love them. Its easier to show someone that you love them.’
‘It is easy to love your family.’
‘Its easier to love. Its difficult when parents are cross. This makes us human.’
‘Its easier to be loved. My brother doesn’t need to tell me, I just know it. I find it hard to show him that I love him.’
‘Its easier to love. Sometimes its difficult to accept that someone loves you.’
‘Both are easy.’
‘Its easier to be loved because its easier for people to be nice to me.’
‘Its easier to love but being loved makes me feel special.’
‘Your family just love you no matter what and they help you to understand how long you should love someone before getting married.’
‘It feels more special to be loved.’
‘Its easier to be loved but love has to be earned, its about giving.’

If I lose my memory am I the same person?

‘Other people know who you are but you are a different person to yourself.’
‘You would still know it was Mam and Dad because you could hear them.’
‘If I couldn’t remember my memories I would not feel like myself, I would feel sad and lonely.’
‘We’ve got to have memories otherwise we won’t know we like to ride on buses or trains.’
‘You would have the same body and same blood and the same things you own.’
‘Everything would be different, You would have to learn everything again and start new memories.’
‘You can help people remember and become the person again.’
‘If you go places you might remember again.’
‘If I forget who I am, like when i’m in a bad mood I behave like somebody different.’
‘Personality is whats inside us.’
‘If I knew I was going to lose my memory I would write things down on paper so I can read about who I was …. If I could find the paper!’
‘You are the same person.’
‘Sometimes when people forget they feel sad.’
‘If you lose your memory you won’t know who you are.’
‘I wouldn’t remember who is important to me like my friends and family.’

If you say sorry but don’t mean it, but the person you say it to thinks that you do, does it count?

‘No, if they don’t mean it they will repeat the behavior.’
‘If they don’t mean it it doesn’t really matter because as long as they think they are sorry they feel better.’
‘It means nothing because they will do it again.’
‘Sometimes I say sorry then do it again a few days later, but at the time I said sorry I did mean it.’
‘People will think you are untrustworthy.’
‘If you say sorry and don’t mean it, if they find out they’d be even more hurt.’
‘I say sorry and people might not believe me. They can’t tell if its a real apology.’
‘To some people sorry is just words. Sorry should be a real feeling.’
‘Even if I don’t think I need to say sorry, I will say sorry because it makes me feel better that they think I’ve done the right thing.’
‘You need to show them you feel sorry, not just say it.’
‘The face tells if you are really sorry.’
‘If you don’t say sorry and mean it you will make their heart sad.’

Which is easier holding a grudge or forgiving?

‘Holding your anger in’
‘I feel happy to not forgive, rather than to hold it in then forgive.’
‘I ignore the problem/person.’
‘I would feel upset if I held a grudge.’
‘Sometimes you can forgive someone but will never forget what happened.’
‘Its easier to keep your feelings aside and think about them because if you do you might then forgive.’
‘If you forgive them it makes the person feel happy again.’
‘Its easier to forgive because it solves the problem.’
‘Its easier to forgive.’
‘Its easier to forgive but it depends if they have done it before.’
‘You can hold a grudge to protect yourself.’
‘If you don’t forgive someone you give them more reason to feel bad about themselves, so forgiving them gives them a chance to be a better person.’
‘Its easier to hold a grudge than forgive. They lose my trust.’
‘You can’t hold a grudge forever. If you have time it makes it easier to forgive because you forget.’
‘Its easier to forgive because holding a grudge won’t solve anything.’
‘Its easier to forgive someone than hold a grudge against them because its better to move on than live in the past.’
‘I feel better to say sorry straight away.’
‘If my brother upsets me I forgive him straight away because he’s my family.’
‘Its easier to stay angry because they can’t do bad things to you.’
‘Its easier to say sorry and forgive because I don’t like feeling angry.’
‘I’d hold a grudge if someone broke promises to me again and again.’

Is there a difference between living and being alive?

‘Being alive is when you are moving and breathing, living is about thinking.’
‘Living is taking the opportunity to do stuff. Being alive is having so much to discover.;
‘Its a mystery. The heart pumps blood all over your body when you are alive.’
‘They are the same.’
‘Being alive is doing exhilarating things. Living is doing normal every day things.’
‘Huge difference in being alive which is just existing but living is the more you learn and do, live life to the fullest.’
‘Jogging and exercise make you feel alive so you get adrenaline pumping.’
‘Being alive is a feeling.’
‘Living is enjoying things but being alive is survival.’
‘Living is being there for other people. Being alive is just your heart beating.’
‘Alive means you aren’t dead.’
‘Living is about having a happy life, being alive is about aging.’
‘Being alive is nothing more than living an empty life, where living is enjoying life and being happy.’
‘Living is being with your best friends.’
‘Being alive feels great. Living means you have to work and pay bills.’
‘There is no difference.’
‘Living is being happy like going out with your family and having fun. Being alive is just your heart beating.’
‘Living is good but being alive is better.’
‘Living is when you’re in a house. Alive is about being human.’
‘Living is doing the things that you like doing and the things that make you feel good.’

What is a dream?

‘A dream is an idea, a thought and a hope that you will achieve a goal.’
‘A dream is a place where you can make anything happen.’
‘A dream is what you have when you’re asleep.’
‘Technically it is a chemical called DMT being released in your brain. Philosophically it is a goal or aspiration you hope to achieve.’
‘A dream can either be an inspiration or something you want to accomplish.’
‘A thought pattern.’
‘I think that a dream is another word for target and aim. A dream is working towards something you want to achieve.’
‘It is a way of remembering certain events or memories.’
‘Bad dreams and nightmares are different, nightmares are scary.’
‘Dreaming is thinking while asleep.’
‘Day dreaming is thinking of something else and not paying attention – having your head in the clouds!’
‘A dream is something you want to do when you are older.’
‘Dreams are a virtual reality.’

What is progress?

‘Progress is about determination and making an effort.’
‘Progress is reaching your personal targets.’
‘Progress is when you work towards a goal over a period of time.’
‘It is when someone is getting closer to reaching their own goal.’
‘It is important because it effects life.’
‘Progress is important.’
‘Progress is improving or moving forward in something. It can be made in any situation and can be done in many ways.’
‘Learning new things so you can get better.’
Is trust more important than love?

Is trust more important than love?

‘Trust is more important because if someone is nice to you then you will trust them.’
‘Yes because you need to trust someone before you love them.’
‘Trust is earned, if you trust each other then you have a big bond.’
‘With trust comes love through both sides.’
‘If you trust someone it will make it easier to love them, if you cant trust whats the point of loving?’
‘I trust my family because they care for me.’
‘Both are important but it’s easier to love someone if you can trust them.’
‘Breaking trust is one of the easiest most common ways to lose love.’
‘Trust is love. Love is trust. Love needs trust, trust needs love.’
‘Yes, trust is mutual caused by the actions of others. And love can be one-sided.’
‘To have true love with someone you have to be able to trust them,’
‘I trust my Dad because he always does nice things for me because he loves me.’
‘Love is most important if you love them you can trust them.’
‘Trust is more important because if you don’t trust someone they might break your heart.’
‘I love my family and friends and love is more important.’
‘Trust is more important than love.’
‘Yes because you should tell the truth.’
‘Love is something that you earn.’
‘If you don’t learn to trust people you will be lonely.’

Is it important to step out of your comfort zone?

‘Yes its good to experience new things. It makes you feel proud when you do new things.’
‘I tried the death swing twice, i felt very proud even though I felt scared at the beginning.’
‘Yes because its good to try new things.’
‘Its good to try new things because it will give you more confidence and you will achieve more.’
‘I know I need to step out of my comfort zone but I get anxious how people might react to me.’
‘Its facing your fears, encouraging you to try more stuff.’

Should we care more about doing the right thing, or doing something right?

‘Doing the right thing makes me happy. I like taking advice because then I can do the right thing next time.’
‘Doing the right thing is following instructions. Doing something right is good.’
‘If you do the right thing it’s helping others and you will feel like you have achieved something.’
‘When my Mam does the right thing i do the right thing.’
‘Doing the right thing is about being honest.’
‘Doing the right thing makes people happy.’
‘If you do the right thing someone else may return the favour.’
‘I feel guilty in my heart if I do the wrong thing.’
‘If people are determined to do the right thing other people might join in too.’
‘Making the right choice can benefit you and the people around you. Making the wrong choice can benefit no one.’
‘Doing the right thing makes me feel better,’
‘Doing something right is usually about yourself but doing the right thing usually helps someone else.’

 Is it ever possible to know the impact of our behaviour?

‘Not always.’
‘You can unravel things in your brain. You have time to reflect and think about what you have done.’
‘I had a fight and nearly broke my hand. I know the impact of me losing my temper.’
‘The impact is if you hurt someone really badly they might have to go to hospital and they might have to go to prison.’
‘We can only find out the impact if they tell you, but if you are really smart you could find out how much you are hurting someone. We don’t all have the same feelings about things.’
‘I was bullied, it made me feel confused as I did nothing to them. They don’t care about they made me feel.’
‘You know when someone is upset because they might be cross.’
‘When you upset people, they can get stressed out and panicky.’
‘I know I’ve made my friends happy when they laugh with me.’
‘Some people might get offended by something we think of as a joke.’
‘Things upset people in different ways.’
‘If I thought I had upset someone I would be upset.’
‘You can tell by the other person’s facial expressions and body language.’