Steve Johnson – Summer Message

Over the summer break, we have been able to make some changes to the car park layout and create some more spaces.  This gives us the opportunity to also look at how pupils come into school and leave at the end of the day.

  • There is now a dedicated “drop off” zone at the front of the building.  This can be used by both taxis and parents for quick drop-offs.
  • There are 3 disabled parking bays adjacent to this drop off zone and then a further 5 bays next to these.  These spaces (including any available disabled bays) can be used by both taxis and parents for dropping pupils off between 8.30 and 9am, and then for pick-up between 3.20 and 3.45.  Between these times, these bays can be used for parent / visitor parking (disabled parking reserved for use by disabled visitors / staff only).
  • Three spaces have been created adjacent to the therapy suite (the bungalow!), as above, these spaces are to be used only for drop off / pick up during the allocated times.  During other times, they can be used by anyone but must be cleared for drop off/pick up.
  • The parking spaces beneath the trees facing the houses can be used by anyone at any time, but are not to be used for drop off or pick up in order to avoid pedestrians crossing in front of incoming traffic.


As I’m sure you know, mornings in the main reception can be very busy and congested.  From now on, when pupils arrive at school, they will no longer enter school through the main entrance.

Instead, from 8.30 onwards, they will be allowed through the single gate on the left hand side of the building as you face it and proceed around to the playground where they will be supervised until entering school.  Students who arrive earlier than this without adult supervision will be allowed to wait in the main reception as per previous years.

If You are bringing your child to school, please do “drop and go” if after 8.30.  If you arrive with them before 8.30, please keep them with you in your cars or wait with them at the front of school rather than in reception.

A member of staff will be on duty at that gate from 8.30 onwards to see them through.  Please do not wait with them in the school reception.  We are obviously always happy to speak to you, and if you need to see a member of staff, please send your child through the gate to be registered and come in to reception where we will be happy to speak to you.

At the end of the day, students who are collected by parents will leave through the door to the right hand end of the building (i.e the door closest to the bungalow).  Students who are on taxis will leave through the side gate as per the mornings.